We provide a platform for students to become thoughtful and effective givers by making real dollar grants to nonprofit organizations in their local communities.

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How it works

What We Do

We promote the teaching of effective charitable giving by awarding grants to colleges and universities for students to distribute to local nonprofit organizations.

Why It Matters

We need informed, skilled, thoughtful philanthropic leaders and change agents now and in the future to address our greatest challenges.

Who Benefits

Students learn and become the philanthropists of the future. Communities grow stronger.

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Our Grant Map tracks every dollar invested in people and communities.

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100 cents of every dollar donated goes to nonprofit organizations selected by our students.


The Learning by Giving Foundation

292 Newbury Street Suite 335
Boston, MA 02115

Please note that the Foundation only makes grants through our online courses, and the colleges & universities we partner with for our undergraduate courses. We do not make grants to individuals and cannot respond to such requests.

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